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I am honored to have served as your Treasurer since 2019 and would appreciate your support for my campaign to continue as the Treasurer of Virginia Beach.

I have spent the past couple of years making changes and updates in the office to bring a more positive experience for the citizens of the City. We continue to make technological advances in the office. We have expanded our online capabilities and plan to continue that expansion. 

We just completed our 3rd annual Unclaimed Property Discovery Day to assist citizens in finding uncashed checks, dividends, bank accounts, and other money. In the first year, we were able to facilitate the return of $226,000, in the second year $184,000, and $94,000 this year.

The entire office has also made community involvement a priority with our participation in food drives for the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia as well as our events to prepare and serve food for those in need at the JCOC.

The past couple of years have not been without their challenges. Throughout those challenging times, I and my staff have persevered, and always done what is in the best interest of not only the citizens, but the City itself. These trying times are where experience, knowledge, and dedication to you and to the office is crucial.



Financial contributions are another way for you to get involved and choose who is leading your Government. We appreciate your contribution to Leigh's campaign!

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Leigh Needs Your Help!
Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Sign placement
  • Neighborhood Walks
  • Event support
  • Polling station volunteers
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