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Why is it important to choose the right candidate? Just what are the responsibilities of a City Treasurer?


          The Constitution of Virginia provides for five locally elected officers.  These officers are the Treasurer, Clerk of the Court, Commonwealth's Attorney, Commissioner of the Revenue, and Sheriff.  These local officials are elected by, and answerable to, the voters of their jurisdiction. As an elected official, the Treasurer provides critical checks and balances.  This independence ensures the separation of duties between those officials responsible for assessment of taxes, collection of taxes, and preparation of the formal financial reports for the City.  The presence of constitutional officers eliminates layers of government bureaucracy.


  • Customer Service:  The Treasurer’s Office strives to provide friendly and helpful customer service to the citizens of Virginia Beach.  This is accomplished via face to face interactions, telephone calls, emails, and online services offered by the Treasurer.

  • Tax and Revenue Collection:  The Treasurer prepares, mails, and collects all bills for real estate and personal property in Virginia Beach, and collects many other City revenues.  As part of the duties, The Treasurer’s Office also pursues the collection of all delinquent taxes and fees owed to the City. 

  • Investments:  The Treasurer is responsible for the prudent investing of the City’s funds, incorporating the principles of safety, liquidity and yield.  The safeguarding of the City’s financial resources allows for overall soundness of operations and service to the citizens.

  • Cash Management:  The Treasurer oversees the cash management for the City, making sure that funds are liquid enough to fulfill the daily operating requirements.  The Treasurer takes part in the disbursement of funds and manages the City’s banking relationships.



          Leigh has spent the last 20 years of her career learning the ins & outs of all of the functions listed above. She has developed the relationships with other department heads, lawmakers, and other treasurers throughout the state that are imperative to the functions of the office. She has been responsible for the investment portfolio of between $600 million and $900 million for the past 10 years and nearly $2 billion in funds flowing through the office annually. Over the last 19 years, the office has made vast changes. Leigh has been a part of every technology project since 2000. The combined knowledge of the technological changes, the Virginia legislation changes, changes with Virginia Beach ordinances, management experience, and superior level of customer service are vital to the success of the office. Leigh possesses all of this knowledge, the devotion, and

heart to continue in the spirit of the office of Treasurer, and is absolutely dedicated to the service of the citizens of Virginia Beach.

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