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Leigh Henderson Launches Candidacy for

Treasurer of Virginia Beach 


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Virginia Beach,VA - V. Leigh Henderson, Treasurer of Virginia Beach, has announced that she will run in a special election to remain the Treasurer. 

She became the Treasurer when her predecessor retired after 41 years. She has 18 years of experience in the office, to include 8 years as the Accounting and Investments Administrator, and 2 years as the Chief Deputy Treasurer. She was placed in the latter position by the former Treasurer as the second in command because of her broad knowledge, trustworthiness, and ability to run the office.

"I have developed strong working relationships with other City departments and City leadership in the performance of my duties.  These relationships are critical to the success of the office."  


"It is my goal to continue increasing the technological capabilities of the office while serving our citizens in a professional, efficient and courteous manner." 


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Leigh Needs Your Help!
Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Sign placement
  • Neighborhood Walks
  • Event support
  • Polling station volunteers
Learn how you can help Leigh stay Virginia Beach's Treasurer!
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